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    posted a message on PerfomaceFu/garbage collection
    Im curious what this is supposed to do. Ive clicked it and did a force garbage collection but it changes nothing. So whats the purpose of this part of the addon :D

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    posted a message on Class Colors, Latest Cartographer build and 09/25/07 WoW patch.
    I's so sorry, but I am new to the forum. Ive had cartographer for a while now and never had any problems. Since i no longer have the class colored circles I came here to find out why and how to fix them. I still have no clue how. Im reading this topic and it seems you have came up with a solution? or maybe not? i dont know. lol. Is there a fix? or did topic get set aside till later.. And who's reply do i look for to see the "offical" its fixed reply..

    Sorry again to sound so newbish but what i can do. Im not going to lie. Ive not had to mess with scripts or anything before so I know nothing about them either. I will contiune to watch forums in hope that someone as basic as me goes: here it is.

    thanks for any info I can understand.
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