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    Just curious about something...

    SmartBuff can auto buff in combat. As a frost mage, I greatly appreciate the ability to just wiggle my mousewheel to toss up an Ice Barrier.

    I agree wholeheartedly - this is the one difference between SmartBuff and ZOMGBuffs that prevents me from switching to ZOMG. Please, please, please: duplicate this functionality of SmartBuff!

    I believe that SmartBuff is simply remembering the last buff cast before entering combat and just recasting it every time the mousewheel is moved - you get a "spell not ready yet" error if Ice Barrier isn't ready yet, otherwise it rebuffs it.

    I do the same thing on my Palladin alt - have it constantly rebuff Seal of Righteousness every time I move the wheel in combat.

    Please add this as an option!
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