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    EDIT: I can see the information I'm looking for in the ButtonMapping area. Incredible! I'll get on putting some scripts together. Is there a place where we can post examples or layouts for others who want to use FlexBar?

    I have been using FlexBar since the beginning... until 2.0 came along and broke it.

    I found, playing a druid, that FlexBar was almost a necessity because of the ability to remap on stance or form change.

    Is this functionality still in there? I have been following the code changes for a while, but I didn't know how far it had really come until I heard of people using slash commands. I relied on my personalized configuration of FlexBar extensively and I want to be able to use that same functionality again.

    I appreciate you guys picking up the torch again and running with it... I'd love a leg up, though, on what some of the commands are. I see that "/scripts" is the way to initiate FlexBar now. Is there anything else that I should know to get back into it?

    Thanks in advance!
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