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    German translation:

    L:RegisterTranslations("deDE", function() return {
    ["Could not find a set named %s. Please add one."] = "Konnte das Ausr?stungs-Set %s nicht finden. Bitte hinzuf?gen.",

    ["Skinning"] = "K?rschnerei",
    ["Herbalism"] = "Kr?uterkunde",
    ["Mining"] = "Bergbau",
    ["Herb Gathering"] = "Kr?uterkunde",

    ["Requires (.+) %d"] = "Ben?tigt (.+) %d",
    ["You fail to perform (.+): Invalid target."] = "(.+) ist fehlgeschlagen: Ung?ltiges Ziel.",
    } end)
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    posted a message on Updated Localisation deDE
    updated Sieve-0.1.lua for baggins
    and Babble-Boss-2.2.lua for multiple errors.

    find the files in the Trac
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