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    Hey all,

    Just started using baggins today and am in love with it. I currently have it all set up to my liking but have 1 tiny issue. Its nothing big but just something that nags at me and that is sorting. I am looking to obviously still have the catagories within the bags, but I wish to manually sort (have the ability to move) items to where I want them within these categories. That is when i pick up a runecloth I want it to automatically go into my tradegoods section but when inside the tradegoods section i want the ability to move it around (hope that made some sense).

    Eg. I always have my hearthstone and my mount as the 1st two items in my bag. So in baggins I want to put them as items 1 and 2 in the "other" category. Is there currently anyway to "disable" the sorting to achieve this? Any help greatly appreciated and keep up the good work.
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