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    Quote from Shaftum »

    I have the problem, that in the Mainbar i have a lot of space between some buttons. I did't show empty buttons.
    I looks like this:


    I'm using german client.

    Don't know what my problem is.

    Sorry for my bad English.

    I have this problem on 75288.

    Trying to troubleshoot it a bit, I turned off all addons except autobar and cleared the savedvariable file.

    Loading up, it seemed like only the first five buttons loaded on the basic bar: hearth, mount, bandage, health, mana

    After an /exit and reload, I got the same thing, plus food and drink.

    After another /exit and reload, I got what appears to be the full bar with large gaps between several buttons.

    The extra bar and the shaman class bar appear normal.

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