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    Getting the same problem.
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    Quote from Ifmy »


    before all sorry for my poor english.

    I have a matter with bartender and update doing nothing whith it :'(

    on non default bar, when i open for exemple (menu or my book) all the time i have some blocks how disapear. must log off.

    can you help me ? thx a lot ^^

    It just so happens that I think I know what you are talking about. As I don't have a fix for it I think I will elaborate for some people that might know how to fix this.

    My friend warrior is having a problem where a certain 3 buttons will constantly disappear from his bar. I really can't recall what two of the buttons were but I do remember that one was Bloodrage. It didn't matter where he moved this button on his bar it would always dissapear after using the ability or after opening his spellbook.

    If anyone has any information on this I am sure my friend and this other poster would greatly appreciate it :)
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