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    Hey there! Slight issue with the Pet Happiness Icon module you wrote; the actual icon itself doesn't seem to appear when you first log into the game, and also sometimes when you mount and dis-mount. In order to make it appear again you have to mount/remount or else dismiss and call the pet a few times. Is this a known issue?

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    Quote from Kyron »

    That's the whole thing, i'm not changing the alpha of the bars, they are at 100%, only their background, i mean the bars background, and not the whole frame background.

    Not only changing the alpha but also changing the color accordingly to my UI, that's like 6 or 7 files to edit manually every single update through WAU, and these days, it's like 5 times a day.

    Ahhh, i c. Sorry I misread what you were doing as actually adjusting the alpha of both the bar colour AND the bar background by editing the relevant lua file. Having this as an option in the rock interface would sure "rock"!!! :P
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    Quote from Kyron »

    Ok hum, i know Pitbull is getting better and better every day, but it's getting a tad bit annoying to modify every single bar file manually every update to modify the alpha of the bars background. So, could it be possible to implement an option to do it via the Rock config menu please ?

    I would certainly love this. Currently I am using combat fader to give me the alpha that I want on the UF bars, but it's not the most elegant way of doing it. Can I ask how you are currently changing the alpha of your bars as I would be interested to change away from using combat fader if at all possible.

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    Quote from Ellipsis »

    Just go into PitBull settings -> Player's Pet -> Bars -> Health and uncheck "Color by happiness".

    Legend. Thanks again!
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    Firstly, I would like to say thanks for adding a Pet Happiness Icon module for PitBull. I really like it and its soooo much better than making a DogTag!!!! Now that I have this awesome module, is there any way that I can disable: PitBull->Global Settings->Colours->Pet Happiness, and just have the pet health bars and power bars act the same way as for any other unit frame? It doesn't really make sense to have a pet happiness icon AND pet happiness coloured bars.

    Thanks again for all your hard work with this great mod.
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    Hi guys. I just upgraded from 60174 -> 60457. I have noticed that when bringing up the full screen world map and then closing it, that intermittently health and/or power bars will disappear. The text for the particular bar is still there (ie; mana, hp, energy etc), but the actual bar texture is gone. Bringing up the full screen world map again and then closing it again will usually make them come back after a couple of times. This has only happened after upgrading from 60174 to 60457. Anyone else seeing this?


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    Quote from Boktai1000 »

    Any word on this being a confirmed bug or any idea on what the problem is? Here is a screenshot I took of the problem, as can be seen in the unitframes although it not only affects just player, but target/party/party target etc, any frame portrait that is a dragonmaw is displayed like this. The option for full body i showed disabled in the menu also as can be seen.

    The Fel Orc models (like you see on netherwing ledge and some of the ones in HFP) for some reason generate a full body 3D model instead of a portrait. This occurs with any UF that calls on the 3D model, and therefore you see this happen under X-Perl, AG_UF, PitBull, ADAPT etc.

    However, I have noticed a bug in PitBull where party members will randomly switch to full body instead of portrait for no particular reason, and the only way to correct it is refresh the screen with a reloadui or even just bringing up the world map will work.
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    posted a message on Lost info on pitbull + cowtip
    Quote from Ellipsis »

    r60180 is the revision number of the fixed LibDogTag, but if you are using embedded libraries it will be included in the latest PitBull (r60174.5.zip).

    Ahhhh, i c. Thanx Ellipsis.
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    Quote from Ellipsis »

    Edit: fix has been committed, update to r60180 and let us know if you still have any problems.

    Where is r60180 available from? Seems http://files.wowace.com/PitBull still lists r60174 as the latest build.
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    Quote from Hakker »

    I got my Player out of Combat Alpha on 0% and while regerating on 75%
    However when I'm done regenerating it frame won't go to 0% alpha anymore unless you select something and unselect it again.
    Latest update has still has it here.

    Yep I am seeing this also. Running latest PitBull rev.
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    Quote from Phanx »

    I would guess that the problem is related to this change:
    r59445 | ckknight | 2008-01-26 09:44:25 -0500 (Sat, 26 Jan 2008) | 1 line
    Changed paths:
     M /trunk/PitBull/PitBull.lua
    PitBull - standard right-click will no longer bring up the config menu

    Try reverting to the version immediately prior to r59445 and see if this fixes your problem. Ellipsis linked the file list page in his post above.

    UPDATE: Well, this gets stranger by the hour. The version I reverted to that I was having no problems with (56911), is now doing the exact same thing. ie, the entire WTF and Interface folders were reverted to the older version and it's doing it as well. This rules out Pitbull I suspect. And in fact I did some research and found 2 threads on the wow forums with people having the same issue:




    I am completely at a loss. Reverting to known good backups of WTF and Interface folders that worked fine previously. Maybe it was the 2.3.3 patch and something in that.....but these above posts were made before 2.3.3.....so I dont know.......
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    Just updated to 59451 from 56911.

    Something REALLY weird is happening. Sometimes in combat, I can no longer right-click on a mob to initiate an auto attack (i'm a hunter). It just does nothing. Then, when I hit escape to exit and relaunch the game, my escape key has ceased working. I have to alt-F4 out of the game and relaunch that way.

    Fortunately, I backup my WTF and Interface folders incrementally, and before doing updates, so I rolled back to 56911, and sure enough the problem doesn't occur. The ONLY change made was the update to 59451. Anyone else seeing this?
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    Quote from Chmee »

    Open up Terminal on your Mac and read the help about running shell scripts.

    Ah of course, although I have already just deleted the unused modules straight out of my PitBull folder, I guess that is just as good as disabling via the addons screen?
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    Quote from Seerah »

    Then exit your game, run the batch file in your PitBull folder, and log back in.

    I use a Mac, so the .bat file doesn't execute. The contents of it when opened with a text app is:

    @echo off

    cd ..
    rmdir /s /q PitBull_Aura
    rmdir /s /q PitBull_Banzai
    rmdir /s /q PitBull_BarFader
    rmdir /s /q PitBull_CastBar
    rmdir /s /q PitBull_CombatFader
    rmdir /s /q PitBull_CombatIcon
    rmdir /s /q PitBull_CombatText
    rmdir /s /q PitBull_ComboPoints
    rmdir /s /q PitBull_DruidManaBar
    rmdir /s /q PitBull_EstimatedHeals
    rmdir /s /q PitBull_ExperienceBar
    rmdir /s /q PitBull_HealthBar
    rmdir /s /q PitBull_HideBlizzard
    rmdir /s /q PitBull_Highlight
    rmdir /s /q PitBull_InteractLines
    rmdir /s /q PitBull_LeaderIcon
    rmdir /s /q PitBull_MasterLooterIcon
    rmdir /s /q PitBull_Portrait
    rmdir /s /q PitBull_PowerBar
    rmdir /s /q PitBull_PvPIcon
    rmdir /s /q PitBull_RaidTargetIcon
    rmdir /s /q PitBull_RangeCheck
    rmdir /s /q PitBull_ReputationBar
    rmdir /s /q PitBull_RestIcon
    rmdir /s /q PitBull_Spark
    rmdir /s /q PitBull_ThreatBar
    rmdir /s /q PitBull_VoiceIcon

    cd PitBull

    move Aura ..\PitBull_Aura
    move Banzai ..\PitBull_Banzai
    move BarFader ..\PitBull_BarFader
    move CastBar ..\PitBull_CastBar
    move CombatFader ..\PitBull_CombatFader
    move CombatIcon ..\PitBull_CombatIcon
    move CombatText ..\PitBull_CombatText
    move ComboPoints ..\PitBull_ComboPoints
    move DruidManaBar ..\PitBull_DruidManaBar
    move EstimatedHeals ..\PitBull_EstimatedHeals
    move ExperienceBar ..\PitBull_ExperienceBar
    move HealthBar ..\PitBull_HealthBar
    move HideBlizzard ..\PitBull_HideBlizzard
    move Highlight ..\PitBull_Highlight
    move InteractLines ..\PitBull_InteractLines
    move LeaderIcon ..\PitBull_LeaderIcon
    move MasterLooterIcon ..\PitBull_MasterLooterIcon
    move Portrait ..\PitBull_Portrait
    move PowerBar ..\PitBull_PowerBar
    move PvPIcon ..\PitBull_PvPIcon
    move RaidTargetIcon ..\PitBull_RaidTargetIcon
    move RangeCheck ..\PitBull_RangeCheck
    move ReputationBar ..\PitBull_ReputationBar
    move RestIcon ..\PitBull_RestIcon
    move Spark ..\PitBull_Spark
    move ThreatBar ..\PitBull_ThreatBar
    move VoiceIcon ..\PitBull_VoiceIcon

    there is a pitbulllod.sh file in the same directory as the .bat file, and this reports as a script when being executed, but just opens once again in a text app with the following:

    cd ..
    rm -rf PitBull_Aura
    rm -rf PitBull_Banzai
    rm -rf PitBull_BarFader
    rm -rf PitBull_CastBar
    rm -rf PitBull_CombatFader
    rm -rf PitBull_CombatIcon
    rm -rf PitBull_CombatText
    rm -rf PitBull_ComboPoints
    rm -rf PitBull_DruidManaBar
    rm -rf PitBull_EstimatedHeals
    rm -rf PitBull_ExperienceBar
    rm -rf PitBull_HealthBar
    rm -rf PitBull_HideBlizzard
    rm -rf PitBull_Highlight
    rm -rf PitBull_InteractLines
    rm -rf PitBull_LeaderIcon
    rm -rf PitBull_MasterLooterIcon
    rm -rf PitBull_Portrait
    rm -rf PitBull_PowerBar
    rm -rf PitBull_PvPIcon
    rm -rf PitBull_RaidTargetIcon
    rm -rf PitBull_RangeCheck
    rm -rf PitBull_ReputationBar
    rm -rf PitBull_RestIcon
    rm -rf PitBull_Spark
    rm -rf PitBull_ThreatBar
    rm -rf PitBull_VoiceIcon

    cd PitBull

    mv Aura ../PitBull_Aura
    mv Banzai ../PitBull_Banzai
    mv BarFader ../PitBull_BarFader
    mv CastBar ../PitBull_CastBar
    mv CombatFader ../PitBull_CombatFader
    mv CombatIcon ../PitBull_CombatIcon
    mv CombatText ../PitBull_CombatText
    mv ComboPoints ../PitBull_ComboPoints
    mv DruidManaBar ../PitBull_DruidManaBar
    mv EstimatedHeals ../PitBull_EstimatedHeals
    mv ExperienceBar ../PitBull_ExperienceBar
    mv HealthBar ../PitBull_HealthBar
    mv HideBlizzard ../PitBull_HideBlizzard
    mv Highlight ../PitBull_Highlight
    mv InteractLines ../PitBull_InteractLines
    mv LeaderIcon ../PitBull_LeaderIcon
    mv MasterLooterIcon ../PitBull_MasterLooterIcon
    mv Portrait ../PitBull_Portrait
    mv PowerBar ../PitBull_PowerBar
    mv PvPIcon ../PitBull_PvPIcon
    mv RaidTargetIcon ../PitBull_RaidTargetIcon
    mv RangeCheck ../PitBull_RangeCheck
    mv ReputationBar ../PitBull_ReputationBar
    mv RestIcon ../PitBull_RestIcon
    mv Spark ../PitBull_Spark
    mv ThreatBar ../PitBull_ThreatBar
    mv VoiceIcon ../PitBull_VoiceIcon

    Any other suggestions?
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    Quote from Seerah »

    Disable mods to see if another is causing lag spikes. Including the pitbull modules (from the addon screen, not the module menu).

    When I click "Addons" at the character selection screen, all I get in my addon list is "Pitbull" with a tick next to it, I can't enable/disable individul Pitbull modules from this window. Is that right?
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