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    I don't know if this has been posted or not, but I would love if there was a feature that added 'Ghost Frames' so you can configure it without having to enter a raid, sort of like Pitbull's raid frames. This would be awesome, since most of Grid users have to enter AV and 'afk' in order to configure there grid.
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    Quote from greek_kid »

    Everytime I try to make install a layout it looks like this.

    Just go to All Units>Bars>Health and then go to 'Side' and click center, do the same for Power, and any other bars you have enabled under All Units > Bars
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    Quote from tekkub »

    LH is not lightweight. It has a shitload of data to load, there is no way it _CAN_ be lightweight.

    And carto? Fuck that use it with TomTom.

    Eh, I've always liked Carto. My computer seems to run Lightheaded fine, never thought of it as 'heavyweight'. I love it for the comments from WoWhead anyway. Imo great mod.
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    Quote from Eleven »

    Maybe, there should be an AddOn that gives you information on each of the quests.

    Coordinates and Directions.
    Click on Showmap...and shows ya where to go.

    Or Maybe do something like what those IDemise did.

    In-Game Map Guide...that would be awesome.

    ~ Eleven ~

    Get Cartographer+Lightheaded. Lightheaded is a lightweight addon that is added to the right side of your quest log, it shows comments on every single quest as well as coords and reputation/xp per quest. It also shows the quest lines that add up to the quest you are on, and when you click on the coords, it will pop up a way point for you to show you where the general area is (teamed with Cartographer that is, for the waypoints.)
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    I was wondering if there was a way to make different settings for raid frames, i.e. one for my 25 mans, that would be totally different settings from BG raid layout. Basically just want to be able to have 3 different set ups that I can chose from, 1 for 25 mans, that is specifically made up for that, one for 10 mans, and one for BGs. Is this possible?
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