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    Quote from Xinhuan »

    My best advice to you is simply to uninstall Gatherer completely, and just install Cartographer.

    Thanks for the feedback Xinhuan; for some reason the data from the cartographer addons to identify nodes isn't working for me... I'll play around with it.

    Thanks again for a wonderful addon!
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    First off I'd like to say thanks too to Xinhuan and Grum - this is an implementation of something I've been wanting but not knowing I want for a long time.

    My goal is to use the nodes found in the GathererDB (http://wiki.norganna.org/GathererDB) to make comprehensive routes using Cartographer_Routes.

    I've tried importing the 'notes' with Cartographer_Import, which gives me an error (included at the end of the post) and a success message "Cartographer_Import: Done Importing Notes".

    However, when I go to add a route (having just installed Cartographer and not having located any herbalism nodes since I'm in an inn to work this out) it says that I have no data points (herbs, ores or chests).

    Any suggestions for how I could get this to work would be greatly appreciated :)

    EDIT: Using routes for nodes I've found after installing cartography works for me.

    Error Text:

    Interface\AddOns\Cartographer_Import\GatherNodes.lua:3: attempt to index global 'GathererDB' (a nil value)

    What I've Done:

    Addons in the Interface\AddOns folder (all downloaded today from http://files.wowace.com/sw-c.html):

    Alterations to AddOns:
    1-Saved the Gatherer and GathererDB_Wowhead (from the official site) to a dummy Interface file, then ran them independent of all Cartographer AddOns to verify that they work (fresh lvl 6 character). Successfully imported the Wowhead database into Gatherer which was active when I found peacebloom and silverleaf as a herbalist)
    2-Moved Gatherer and GathererDB_Wowhead from the Interface to the dummy file again
    3-Copied the DB_WowheadData.lua to the Cartographer_Import folder, renamed to GatherNodes.lua (this is the name of the original Gatherer lua file that you need to import to get the data. I've also tried this with using just the original gatherer lua file as per the only directions I could find on how to make it work (http://wow.curse.com/downloads/details/157/):

    "IMPORTING MAP NOTES From MetaMap, CT_MapMod or Gatherer to Cartographer
    1. Find the folder ..\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\YOUR-LOGIN-NAME\Saved Variables\
    2. Once there find the file named MetaMap.lua and copy it (this also applies to Gatherer.lua and
    3. Find the folder ..\World of Warcraft\Interface\Addons\Cartographer_Import\
    4. Paste the file MetaMap.lua that you just copied inside the folder ..\Cartographer_Import\
    5. Launch the game and open your the map and click on the cartographer button
    6. From the Cartographer drop down list choose "Icon packs" and make sure that "Metamap Iconpack",
    "Gatherer Iconpack", CT_MapMod Iconpack" and "Enabled" are all checked.
    7. Enjoy your MetaMap Notes in Cartographer!"

    On the Cartographer drop down list, I have no "Icon packs".
    4-Bug Xinhuan and Grum for help :)
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