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    Hm I wonder why, but I guess they're not so very important or spread so much, as to create nodes for them. Oh well, a dummy will do fine :-)
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    Hi there :-)

    I just saw, that it is possible to change the Horizontal/Vertical Position in TargetInfo.lua of this bar displaying everything,
    but in TargetOfTarget.lua, I can only change the Horizontal Position, not the Vertical Position of that bar.
    I copy&pasted parts of code to fix this for me, as I like having both bars above my character.

    Would be nice, if u could add that option to the svn version too.

    THX and keep on developing that great addon.
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    Hi there :-)

    I'm writing myself a quick Gatherer DB to GatherMate DB Converter in Java, and there are some Node-Types in Gatherer GatherNodes.lua which I can't find in GatherMate Constants.lua, so I can't convert them.
    Would be nice, if u could create/add them to GatherMate.

    They're all down here at the codebox, ripped right out of my Java code.

             // GathererID | GatherMateID
     // Treasures
    helper = helper.replace("[3658]"," " ); //Water Barrel 
    helper = helper.replace("[3659]"," " ); //Barrel of Melon Juice 
    helper = helper.replace("[3660]"," " ); //Armor Crate 
    helper = helper.replace("[3661]"," " ); //Weapon Crate 
    helper = helper.replace("[3662]"," " ); //Food Crate 
    helper = helper.replace("[3705]"," " ); //Barrel of Milk 
    helper = helper.replace("[3706]"," " ); //Barrel of Sweet Nectar 
    helper = helper.replace("[3714]"," " ); //Alliance Strongbox 
    helper = helper.replace("[19019]"," " ); //Box of Assorted Parts 
    helper = helper.replace("[28604]"," " ); //Scattered Crate
    helper = helper.replace("[142191]"," " ); //Horde Supply Crate
    // Power Crystals
    helper = helper.replace("[164658]"," " ); //Blue Power Crystal 
    helper = helper.replace("[164659]"," " ); //Green Power Crystal 
    helper = helper.replace("[164660]"," " ); //Red Power Crystal 
    helper = helper.replace("[164661]"," " ); //Yellow Power Crystal
    // Whatever Misc. Stuff
    helper = helper.replace("[176582]"," " ); //Shellfish Trap
    helper = helper.replace("[164881]"," " ); //Cleansed Night Dragon 
    helper = helper.replace("[164882]"," " ); //Cleansed Songflower 
    helper = helper.replace("[164884]"," " ); //Cleansed Windblossom 
    helper = helper.replace("[174622]"," " ); //Cleansed Whipper Root

    Thx and keep on the good work!
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