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    ... There's an unstick the bars option?


    Thanks for correcting my fail. :P Yeah, this is one of those situations where I'd much rather be a troll so I wasn't horrendously embarrassed. Thanks! :)

    -ETA- Turns out I kept mistaking "lock" and "button lock" as the same thing - even though they're obviously not. *Facepalm* Okay, any rocks here I can crawl under?

    Thanks for taking me in good humour, and apologies for my outburst. :P
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    Feature requests:

    Why is there no click and drag option when it comes to positioning bars?

    I am having an extremely frustrating time setting up my bars because I'm forced to input coords in order to position my bars, resulting in time wasted on trial and error. It takes two seconds to click and drag a bar. It can take a full minute to finally nail the coords I want on one bar.

    VuhDo, for example, has a "move" tab which you click on and allows you to shift the bars around. At the very least, perhaps a similar feature in Bartender could enable, say, a tiny blue circle on the corners of bars which will allow you to click and drag until you turn it off.

    If you can move the bars around with coords, surely it is possible to code it to allow click-and-drag? (If the answer is "no", then, alas.)

    Also, an "always show action bars" option would be good - configuring the bars is still a pain on lower level characters because the bars are almost empty, resulting in me having to spend more time filling it up with the same ability over and over just so I can *see* the bars. :( "Always show action bars" on the WoW interface options does not work with the addon.

    Overall, I like the addon - it's just really effing difficult to set up, not intuitive to use at all. I've procrastinated long enough on using this addon for the very difficulties I've described above.

    Thanks for your time. :)
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