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    Same problem, i looked at the hakkar.lua and it seems to be a localization problem.

    L:RegisterTranslations("deDE", function() return {
    	engage_trigger = "^EURE \195\156BERHEBLICHKEIT K\195\156NDET BEREITS VOM ENDE DIESER WELT!", -- ?
    	drain_trigger = "Hakkar bekommt 'Bluttrinker'.",
    	mindcontrol_trigger = "(.*) (.*) von Wahnsinn verursachen betroffen.",

    Does ^ have any effect or is it just a little mistake while typing to fast, i saw it several times in the file and always after " (line 15,53,87,122,155-157,190-192)? I changed drain_trigger to just only "Bluttrinker" and it worked, i dont know how to change it according to somethinge like "Hakkar suffers (.+) from (.+) Blood Siphon" (i have no idea how (.+) exactly works^^, is it just ja wildcard?). i add a picture with the german expression, i think it has to be something like "Hakkar eleidet (.+) von (.+)".

    Translation would be "Hakkar suffers 200 naturedamage from _playername_  (throug blood siphon)."
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    Quote from hquest »

    Quote from hquest »

    Using Raid frames (tested only with PerfectRaid layout), groups got somewhat buggy when one get moved from groups. Need to hide and show back raid frames to be fixed.

    ag_UF rev 12403.

    Updated to rev 13019, this bug still exists.

    Same problem, this is what it looks like
    The 2 chars outside the raidframes are not moveable.
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