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    Since I do most of the target marking for our raids, one of my fellow officers pointed me at this mod and I have to say I love it. I used it for our entire raid last night and marking was near perfect. There was one situation I came across however that I didn't quite see how to deal with. On some pulls there are a lot of trash mobs that need to be AOEd down rather than tanked or CCed. Mobs like the concubines before Mother and the spectators before Gurtog. These mobs really never need to be marked. Is there some provision to make sure that a particular mob type is never marked? Personally, I'd like it if 'None' was an option right along with 'Tank' and 'CC' when setting up the mob in the database, but if there's a provision someplace else to achieve the desired effect I'd be happy with that too.

    Thanks for this great mod.
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