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    I love the Cartographer Addon but I have a question/idea that might help a lot of people. What I would like to be able to do is import a database of quest monster spawns, and quest item locations in the form of a saved .lua file. Basically a pre-made database that someone has taken the time to create map notes on. It may not include every single location at first, and there would probably need to be one database for Alliance, and one database for Horde, but it would be a powerful tool. In order to do this correctly we would need one very important thing first. The ability to import player created notes from someone else's database via an addon. I have seen the Cartographer_Import Addon, but I believe that is only for importing Gatherer notes (not sure if it can be changed to also import Cartographer Player Created notes). I also know that there is a note sharing feature but that only works if you want to send your notes to one other person or your group or guild. If we had a Cartographer import addon that would import other cartographer.lua files and merge the player created notes with our own, we could start compiling a master database (One for Horde and one for Alliance) that could be updated in a thread here.

    This would almost eliminate the need for looking up quests on sites like Thottbot or WoWhead to see where the quest mob spawns or where the item drops, reading through player comments to sift out what is truth and what is not.

    Just as a reminder this is not in any way something that would conflict or overwrite the npc quest giver notes and the fine job that Cartographer_Quests addon does. This is a database of player created notes for quest mob's and quest items locations.

    Please let me know if there is already something out there or in the works as I am very interested in this and I would love to participate in creating, cleaning, testing or working on the database or importer.

    For now, we could just start by creating a master list for the Burning Crusade expansion, maybe even break out the database's by zone. The most important thing is getting the importer. Without that this is all a pipe dream.

    Thanks for your helpful comments and suggestions.
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