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    Still lots of work to do
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    Quote from therealblind »

    I'm sorry, but that didn't help me at all. The newest ClearFont2 already has that fixed code.

    It doesn't. I guess you don't have/use syntax highlighting program so you missed the fact that whole section is commented out

    Remove "--[[" and "]]", should work
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    Quote from Deccard »

    Quote from Sciphus »
    Is it possibly to make the combat log maximize when things are recorded in the log?
    That would mean to register maaaany new events. But I knew that this request would come. If enough people want it I'll do my best.
    For the record: When should the combat log be maximized? On everything or if you take damage etc.?

    Why not maximize it when entering combat and keeping it what way till player leaves combat? Since you have "supress when in combat" option it shouldn't be to hard to make oposite of it. Anyways it seems most logical choice.
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