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    Quote from LordDrago
    I've got a feature request. One bring back the Ooga (Submarine Dive Horn). Second since you have the quote "You Will Die" add the one from Big Bad Wolf which would be perfect for a warning. "Run Away Little Girl" Its fast, loud & noticeable. Everything else about it looks great I love the new look can't wait to start testing in BT.

    Great idea. Guild members are totally missing the Aooga. The rest of the addon is looking amazing. Bringing that back and these other sound suggestions would just be icing.
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    Debuff blacklisting on Unstable Affliction is fine as long as you can assign the debuff UA to another indicator. That way you'll be able to tell when someone has that on them and don't risk dispelling it.

    Also the worst thing about setting up the layout on the first grid was that the options ui was not intuitive at all. Things were labeled and grouped poorly. Just cleaning up the organization of that mess would help walking new users through setup. Being able to export a layout though may be the best idea ever.
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    Fair enough. How about a sort by player name or loot name in the loot view of historical raids?
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    In the player view is there any way to have that section list the loot that player has received?
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    Missing Kara trash.

    -- Karazhan trash
    ["Spectral Performer"] = "Immune to CC, opens a spotlight that buffs anyone that stand in it.",
    ["Arcane Anomaly"] = "Random teleport that clears threat, attacks on it drains mana before health.",
    ["Mana Feeder"] = "Immune to all spells, burns mana.",
    ["Mana Warp"] = "Self-destructs for significant damage on low health, interruptable.",
    ["Spectral Charger"] = "Charges farthest player. PBAoE Fear to all nearby. Dispel-able magic debuff. Can be Shackled, Stunned and Trapped." ,
    ["Spectral Stable Hand"] = "Heals other mobs. Can be Trapped or Shackled.",
    ["Skeletal Waiter"] = "Brittle bones can be spell reflected or grounded with totem. This mob is vulnerable to stuns.",
    ["Ghostly Steward"] = "Immune to stuns, traps, shackle and taunt. Vulnerable to disarm.",
    ["Phantom Valet"] = "Immune to taunt",
    ["Phantom Attendant"] = "Vulnerable to shackle and snares. Immune to taunt.",
    ["Spectral Retainer"] = "Immune to shackle. MCs random player.",
    ["Spectral Sentry"] = "Ranged attacker. Can be shackled.",
    ["Night Mistress"] = "Can be shackled.",
    ["Concubine"] = "Vulnerable to stuns, snares and banish. Tremor totem works on aoe seduce.",
    ["Wanton Hostess"] = "AoE silence. Can be stunned.",
    ["Phantom Stagehand"] = "Immune to snares and stuns. Can be disarmed.",
    ["Skeletal Usher"] = "Immune to traps, turn undead and taunt. Can be shackled.",
    ["Trapped Soul"] = "Immune to shackle and stun.",
    ["Spell Shade"] = "Can be shackled and feared.",
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