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    - Removed ThreatLogger, as it is depricated
    - Cleaned up Leotheras module
    - Made a few changes to make sure pet threat gets cleared properly
    - Added handling for Shrouding Poitions

    This re-write seems to have bugged the threat generated by pets to the point where pets are generating 8k tps,
    causing the meters to go haywire.
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    Quote from EmGee »

    hey all

    i have some issue since like 2 days
    i am a hunter and whenever my pet attacks the threat skyrockets for my pet
    i tried different pets, growl on/off etc
    so with a pet displaying about 8k tps it messe sup the whole threatlist

    anything known about that ?


    This is actually not a bug in Omen but in Threat-1.0 downgrading to Threat-1.0-r49383 fixes the problem.
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