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    love this mod too, especialy the roll frame replacement as it always used to get in the way while in a group with idiots combat looting...

    Anyway, I dont know if this was fixed in the last update (not logged in since) but i was in stratholme last night and each of the bosses that drop the corruptors (I think) stone never appeared in my loot frame for rolling.. I never even had any option in chat saying that the item had dropped or that i had passed. Disabled all of Xloot and it appeared to work flawlessly after.

    Not sure that I will get chance to try this again die to expansion release but I thiught it may be best to draw it to your attention (just in case).

    Thanks for the GREAT mod!
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    Quote from Sariash »

    (an option request who in the guild has cartographer, what modules, in which version would be nice btw)

    I like that idea too, but perhaps leave it as is and add another 'button' to the map screen which opens a list (like the boss loots list) containing who has the mod installed (I guess there is someway to send a 'ping' via the hidden comm chan and have clients reply? only send a ping on changing zone so clients are not bogged down with requests?)
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    speaking of database.. my option has gone from cartographers menu now so I cant set the notes to receive and send any more :/.. thing is, I am still receiving notes from other people with no way of stopping it (wondering if another addon maybe interfered with it)
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    Lo all,

    Yesterday I added the 'Cartographer_Hotspot' part to my addons for cartographer. Initially it didn't appear to work at all, upon mouse over it would just 'ping' my location in the middle of the screen. I solved that by playing with the scale and alpha settings for the hotspot part in the map.

    It actually works quite well.. however I could not find a option to set where the map appears on screen when you mouse over the minimap icon. At the moment it appears in the centre of the screen, with the scale and alpha set to what I specified. I would like to be able to set it so that it appears top right on mouse over (I use it for quick position reference usually).

    Could perhaps a right click on the minimap icon be set to make the mouse over map persistent so I can drag it where I want and then right click the minimap icon again to confirm its set position? (Or something like that?)

    Just updated addons again and although I didn't see the hotspot part update it must have done.. I now have a 'position' menu item in my settings (to set where the map shows) but unfortunately I am guessing it is not quite done yet? it appears to be defaulting to bottom left and the menu has no options there to change that.
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    Quote from durcyn »

    Requesting update to use SurfaceLib instead of internal textures.

    I would like to second that request please too.. although in the grand scheme of things its hardly vital! :D

    What I would like perhaps is if the 'test' bar took the settings that you have defined for the cooldown part you are working with - this way I could get a better idea of positioning for them all.

    Other than that, GREAT mod - been using it for a few weeks now and miss it when I aint running it! :D
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    Quote from Wind82 »
    ehm try baggins.lua :D maybe

    Yeah, just looked at that but considering I am not a LUA coder or anything I am slightly lost. Are you saying look in there to see why the baggins is not showing or to look in there to find out about any slash commands? :)

    The top of the LUA has:
    Baggins.hasIcon = "Interface\\Icons\\INV_Jewelry_Ring_03"
    Baggins.cannotDetachTooltip = true
    Baggins.clickableTooltip = true
    Baggins.independentProfile = true
    Baggins.hideWithoutStandby = true

    Which I am guessing is what tells it to display or not? Looking though my Fubar.lua baggins is not listed once all the way through..

    Guess I will work it out in the end..
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    posted a message on Baggins - Official Thread
    Nice to see a official thread for this now.

    First of all, thanks for what seemed like a great bag mod, maybe even the best when I had it working.

    Unfortunately, as you may have guessed from the above I closed the mod on Fubar by disabling it. Ever since doing that I have been unable to find Baggins listed anywhere in Fubar itself or by trying any of the varient /baggins slash commands (are there any?).

    This was one of the early ones that you uploaded (guessing about 'r22965') so I am hoping that little error has been fixed since then. At the moment though I am unable to get anything of Baggins showing anywhere. Can you tell me which saved varibles I need to be looking for to delete so that the addon is fully reset?

    Hoping to get this working again, as I said originally it seemed like one of the best bag mods i have seen in ages! :D
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