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    I was in a raid lastnight and had an error when trying to place a raid marker.

    The error specifically mentioned recount and I was unable to place the raid markers.

    By raid markers I mean the ones you place in the game world... not the ones you put on mobs.

    I disabled recount and was instantly able to place them as normal.
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    posted a message on JWowUpdater - A new java addons updater for ace2
    I'll admit that I haven't read all of this thread but I wanted to post and say thankyou for an excellent updater.

    I expecially like the TOC/Embeds cleaning and the variable cleaning functions of this software.

    I do have one request... would it be possible to add the download details for auctioneer advanced (both release and beta versions) to the software... or even better, allow end users to specify new addon url's / websites to download from?

    This would mean that end users would not be limited to just curse/wowui/wowint for their non-ace addons.

    If this could be accomplished it would make this updater surpass all others instantly :)

    Very nice work though.. I use it daily :DD
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