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    posted a message on MagicMarker - Raid Icon Marking made simple
    I looked at my config file. It looks like there are issues with mobs or zones that have appostrophies in their name. I have an entry for Akil'zon from Zul'Aman which is causing the error when I login. All my data was auto-learned, I didn't import anything:

    MagicMarkerDB = {
    ["mobdata"] = {
    [""] = {
    ["mobs"] = {
    ["23574"] = {
    ["ccnum"] = 8,
    ["ccpriority"] = 6,
    ["name"] = "Akil'zon",
    ["category"] = 1,
    ["priority"] = 3,
    ["desc"] = "Creature type: |cffffffffHumanoid|r, classification: |cffffffffworldboss|r, unit is a caster.",
    ["new"] = true,
    ["name"] = "",
    ["mm"] = 1,
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    posted a message on CCBreaker errors
    FYI. I was getting an error that I missed at first. It was complaining that I dont have dewdroplib. I installed it, now I get:

    Error: AceDB-2.0: Cannot call "RegisterDefaults" unless "RegisterDB" has been previously called.
    File: Interface\AddOns\CCBreaker\CCOptions.lua
    Line: 6
    Count: 1

    Edit: Aparently Babble-Class-2.2 is also needed but not included. So I installed the babble-2.2 library package. Then I got 18 errors about the ace lbirary missing. I installed that and now it finally works. Looks like the dependancies need work?
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    posted a message on CCBreaker errors
    I just installed this addon for the first time after seing this thread. It seems to load ok, no errors. But it doesnt do anything? The slash commands /ccb or /ccbreaker do not exist. I dont have Fubar.
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    posted a message on Tankalyze feature request

    I've looked at all other similar addons I could find and this one seems by far the best one. However, it still lacks some features that would be nice to have. Would you consider adding the following?

    - Only anounce failed taunts if the mob is targeting someone else. No use spamming a resist message if I already have agro. Yes I know I'm not supposed to taunt things if they are already on me, but it sometimes happens, and its simple enough to check for it.
    if (TauntFailed) then
    if (not UnitIsUnit("player","targettarget")) then
    self:AnnounceResist(self.db.char.resists.messages.taunt, self.db.char.resists.messages.tauntSCT)

    - Check for and announce cases where mobs are immune to taunt. Currently the regex only searches for resists.

    - For last stand, add a variable that will be replaced with the amount of hp gained/lost. The same way you have {l} for the mob level {t} for the target name etc. It could be {h} or {hp}. The calculation is very simle - current health*1.3. This would make it possible to set the string to something like:
    >>> Last Stand Activated <<< Losing {h}hp in 20 seconds.

    - For shield wall, add a variable that will be replaced with the number of seconds the ability lasts (depending on talents). This would make it possible to set the announce string to something like:
    >>> Shield Wall Active <<< Taking 75% less damage for {sw} seconds.

    - I'm not sure if this is even possible, but it would be nice if the addon could do another warning before Last Stand and Shield Wall expire. For example:
    >>> Last Stand Fading <<< Losing {h} hp in 3 seconds.
    >>> Shield Wall Fading <<< Taking normal damage in 3 seconds.

    Thanks for making tankalyze!
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