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    Thank you, Gagorian, for this amazing addon. I can not live without it.
    As I am playing Chinese Wow, I found the Lock's Crit Multiplier is always 1.5 even with the Ruin talent. I waited several months hoping someone would fix this problem until this morning I read the source code myself and figured the bane of this issue out.

    In Chinese translation, the Druid ability Ravage is the same with the Lock talent Ruin. That is to say, the return value of AceLocale:getReverseTranslation(LocaleName["Ruin"]) is "Ravage" instead of "Ruin" making DrDamage unable to calculate correctly.

    Therefore, I added some code at line 924 to the DrDamage.lua to walk around the problem.
    			-- added some code to fix the bug
    			-- caused by the chinese translation of the Druid ability Ravage and the Lock talent Ruin 
    			if nameTalent == "Ravage" then
    				nameTalent = "Ruin"

    I hope my modification would not break other stuffs. Please merge it if you think the modification is appropriate.

    Sorry for my terrible English.
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