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    Did something change on the buff aura from target. I see a cooldown timer in them now but it's way to big, so I don't see what buff is on what cooldown. Before this I just slowly saw the buff fading away.
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    Maybe I'm crazy but since a couple of weeks it's sorted per class and I want it sorted per group. Unfortunately I can't find that option anymore. Is it still available?
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    Quote from Rabbit »

    Quote from astalavista »

    It's probably a library problem somewhere along the way, but it seems that my Banzai no longer stores my OnlyInGroup setting. I set that to on everytime I log in, and everytime I log off and back in, it's switched itself back to off and alerts me to aggro when I am soloing. All other settings can be changed and stay like that when I log off.

    That's weird, but yeah, I bet it's due to some recent AceDB changes. I do not experience this problem.

    Anyone else that do?

    Yep, same problem here. It doesn't "save" the setting. It enables when I've joined a group but when I leave the group it's still on. Then I have to set "OnlyInGroup" again.
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