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    posted a message on ArkInventory
    Doesn't seem to work with the !!!StandaloneLibraries. Won't find any library instances untill I put the lib folder in the addon directory again (and yes, it's the only "culprit" doing so, the rest of my addons works fine with the !!!StandaloneLibraries).

    Besides that it seems to perform very well.
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    posted a message on EavesDrop 2.0 (a SCT style combat log)
    EavesDrop 0.10 (10079 Beta) just displays "Buff" instead of the actual name of the buff. Also brings up an error frame mentioning close to all included libraries and painting the output frame white (screenshot later).

    This gets fixed when i use/load the latest agUnitframes tho so i guess it has to do with the included libraries.
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    posted a message on idChat2
    text = string.format('|cffffffff%s|r %s', date('[%X]'), text)

    outputs the timestamps like this [xx:xx:xx]. Works for me.

    Got a little "problem" tho. I edited the idChat2_ChannelNames.lua the way it completely removes the [Guild] stuff and so on (by just setting it to ''). But it still adds some gap between the timestamps and the text written in gchat, say etc work fine. Example:
    Say:  [xx:xx:xx] [Name] text
    Guild: [xx:xx:xx] [Name] text

    Nothing game breaking but still pretty annyoing to look at, any idea how i can remove that extra space there ?
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    posted a message on otravi_Application 1.0.0 [26.08.06]
    No idea if it supposed to work together with action bars, but if so, it doesn't work with the latest Bongos. No menu appears if you right-click the poison on the bar.

    If it is not supposed to work together with action bars then it would be kinda nice to add that i guess!

    Works fine if you do it out of the inventory, even when using Bagnon.
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