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    posted a message on GMail2 Progress
    A "completing" function as in Ludwig would maybe go fine, it automatically searches while typing in the item name and displays the items that containing the word.

    Maybe a OnClick dewdrop that pops up when clicking in the recipient text box?

    But i don't know how much load such a thing would cause if you got >100 entries in your address book.

    otherwise a lod module which does the same but only gets loaded when ppl click on a button near the textbox so performance fetishes don't get poked by stuff they don't need :D

    just some ideas, may they help :)
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    posted a message on Plow King - Anyone who wants it, read this and reply.
    Dear Mr. Wobin, hope you'll find time to finish this thingie somewhen :D

    I just like to have an visual spacing between the categories it's your choice if they're more like EngBags or InvSort. :)
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    posted a message on Henge - Button spheres for all!
    Just copy the libs from the r16923
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    posted a message on Buffalo
    So I've done a quick&dirty solution for the weaponframe and the debuffs, but the debuffs are still keeping the old border (think cause they aren't disabled like the TempEnchantFrame and the BuffFrame)

    Would be nice if you can add a toggle function so it disables the debuff border coloring and the border and the layout do it's work.

    may it help :D

    ps. attached the qnd core.lua for those who wanna play around.
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    posted a message on oSkin
    gotta some error since r11273, tried with just coping over the old one and from scratch.
    [2006/09/19 19:59:13-83]: Jostle-2.0\Jostle-2.0.lua:33: attempt to index field `frame' (a nil value)
    Jostle-2.0\Jostle-2.0.lua:33: in function `?'
    Jostle-2.0\Jostle-2.0.lua:477: in function <...nterface\AddOns\FuBar\libs\Jostle-2.0\Jostle-2.0.lua:476>
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