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    posted a message on SorrenTimers
    Hi there, I've been using a really old version of SorrenTimers for a while (.toc says Version 0.1) and just recently upgraded all my ace addons with JWoWUpdater.

    Now with a substantially newer SorrenTimers (Version 2.1), the timer bar for my Water Elemental no longer shows up. Browsing through the source, I clearly see "Summon Water Elemental" in the old source and no longer in the new. I saw a comment on the Curse page for ST about WoW 2.1 providing a much richer API so not all the abilities had to be listed out, so maybe this is why.

    But since the Water Elemental is a pet, and I get no detectable buff by summoning him, how can I get ST to show a bar for him again? This was what made me fall in love with ST in the first place.

    Thanks, your hard work is very much appreciated.

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