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    Great addon so far, used BT3 since forever now, and BT4 seems like a nice upgrade.

    I know this is a beta and all, but some features(lack of them) were a bit of a let down. Knowing the high quality of BT3, I was expecting more from BT4. Still, it's the best on the market and I'll keep using it happily. :)

    A few suggestions though, I hope they don't sink in all this feedback you're receiving:

    - Some simple animations would juicen up alot of the interfaces that use BT4. Something upon using an ability/mouseovering it and something when it pops off cd. Fadeout on mouseover and cobmat is great start, but the animation could be smoother, and the interactivity could be widened too.

    -Some interactivity enhancing options. You could, f.ex., have certain bars fading in/out depending on the target's relation to you, hostile/friendly etc.

    - Hiding buttons you don't need to see. They need to be in the hotbars if you wanna bind them to something, but it'd help if you could hide some of them to fix some really nice minimalistic UI's.

    - The new options window is great! Put some all-bars-affecting sliders there, for faster reconf if needed. Like padding, alpha, scale, etc.

    Grrrrrreat work anyways. Thanks <3
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