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    Hey guys,
    I'm looking for an AddOn that can make new profiles for all Ace-AddOns automatically.
    Since i lack in everything it needs to make an Addon on myself, I'm looking for one tough badass who can make an AddOn that suits my needs =)

    Ill give you an example:
    This is my main character Jivo.

    I spent pretty much time on his interface as you may see, and the majority of the AddOns is Ace'd.

    What my problem is: When i start a new character, it always looks like this:

    and if i want to have the same UI on the twink, i have to switch the profile for every single Ace-AddOn from "Default", to "Charactername of Servername" (or to "Other --> Charactername" wich i would prefer) and then "Copy from --> Jivo".

    And now i am looking for an AddOn wich can do this for me. I'm pretty sure i wouldn't be the only one using it, since it would be very handy.

    Grettings, Jivo of EU-Tichondrius

    (please don't care about mistakes in grammar etc., since english isn't my first language ;))

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