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    posted a message on Click2Cast
    I've scratched my head while searching for a good twenty minutes how to select profile with Click2Cast.
    Only to realize there wasn't any...

    So am I just too dumb to see the obvious ? or was this feature removed ?

    If I just don't see it could you help me access it ?

    But if that feature isn't indeed there, would it be possible to bring it back ?
    Playing a Shaman and having to switch often from Enhancement to Restoration that would save me alot of frustration and give me more flexibility.

    Great addon by the way, nice work.
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    posted a message on SpellReminder - Official Thread
    I've browsed this thread but found no informations about my problem.

    I started using SpellReminder a couple of weeks ago and everything seemed to be ok.

    But one day I installed another addon or updated SR I don't remember exactly, However since then it doesn't work anymore.

    I use it to keep an audio track ok my buffs and totems. But it use do indicate me when my buffed was removed. Now it seems to only
    Indicate me when the buff naturally fades. If destroyed or removed I got no more sound.

    So do you have any idea to why it doesn't work anymore or how could I fix this ?

    Thanks for your time
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