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    posted a message on WAU uses 100% CPU constantly
    Thank God, I thought I was the only one seeing this issue.

    I have access to 3 PC's and all clocked at 100% with the new version. I reverted back to .746 on 2 PC's and that relieves the clocking issue. (I hope I don;t see the crashing issue)

    Unfortunatly 1 of the PC's I was working with I completely remove any wowaceupdater signs, and can not revert back to the .746 version. Anyone know how to download an old version? I tried the .zip but get errors and it does not work.

    The other thing I saw was it was taking forever to make an update.
    To do 20 updates it ran for over 2 hours, with the CPU at 100%, I finially killed it.

    the PC in question is up to date on the .NET patches and has both ver 2 and ver 3

    Rocksalt - Lothar

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