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    Found the source of the problem. Near the top of the ..\WTF\Account\{account name}\SavedVariables\CraftList2.lua file there is a portion as such:

    	["disabled"] = {
    		["Default"] = true,

    If you change 'true' to 'false', the addon will get loaded and you can access the addon via '/clist' and so on. Note that you must do this while WoW is not running since it will overwrite this file upon exit.

    I guess for some reason if CraftList2 is set to standby when you log out, it gets stuck that way and you cannot even run '/clist' commands the next time you log in. I'm just glad it's working again!

    - Jorg
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    Quote from why4duck »

    I can't get CraftList2 off standby! I've replaced the addon folder several times (I assume the db is somewhere else, I haven't found it yet). When I enter "/ace2 list ace2" CraftList2 is shown in the list of addons as on standby, but when I enter "/clist" or "/clist standby" the addon doesn't launch (I get the "Type /help..." message instead). Can anyone tell me how to get the addon off standby? Or tell me where the db file is so i can delete it and start from scratch?

    I'm having this same problem and have tried the fix suggested (/ace2 load CraftList2), but it does not fix the problem. I've unloaded and reloaded it via '/ace2 ...' to no avail. I have deleted the '../CraftList2' folder and reinstalled it, still no success. CraftList2 is still displayed as in standby mode when I run '/ace2 list ace2'. The addons I have installed are:

    • Cartographer
    • Cartographer-Data
    • Cartographer-Herbalism
    • Cartographer-Mining
    • Cartographer-QuestInfo
    • Cartographer_Noteshare
    • Cartographer_QuestObjectives
    • Cartographer_Quests
    • Cartographer_Routes
    • CraftList2
    • CT_Core
    • DamageMeters
    • EnegyWatch v2
    • Grid
    • StinkyQueue
    • DeadlyBattlegroundMods
    • DeadlyBossModAPI
    • DeadlyBossModGUI
    • DeadlyKarazhanBossMods
    • DeadlySerpentshrineCavernBossMods
    • Misc.DeadlyBossMods

    I've tried deselecting all but CraftList2, but I still get the same result. Was a great addon while it was working, I hope to get it fixed soon!

    - Jorg
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