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    posted a message on Guild Positions and Foglight not working
    Ever since I installed the cartographer1 pack, some of the cartographer add-ons that it supports have not been working; Foglight & Guild Positions in particular. I've tried everything I know of; I removed and reinstalled all the cartographer add-ons, following the directions. I removed the lua fires from the WTF folder so that it was starting with fresh data.

    I went through every single add-on to ensure there was not any interference and removed both the add-on and the data in the WTF folder if there was (like really old CT_Map data and what not).

    yet nothing has worked. The add-on claims they are enabled and working, but I can't adjust anything in foglight and no guild members show up on my map, despite eh fact that I show up on theirs. Any comments, suggestions, etc would be helpful.
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    posted a message on A MoteFu?
    Is there a FuBar add-on that tracks your motes & primals, both in your bank & bags? Perhaps across characters too? Just wondering.
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