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    Hopefully, this will come across as constructive, as that is how it is meant.

    All folks want is the same simplicity, polish, and reliability they've come to love from files.wowace.com and wowaceupdater.

    I never saw any real guidance on how much I, as a single person, needed to donate each month for my share of the bandwidth. Considering, though, I play 20-30 hours a week engaged in traffic with WoW servers for $15 monthly, I cannot imagine it topping $1 a month?

    Files.wowace.com > curseforge right now because files is organized in a more logical fashion. I enjoy using files.wowace.com more and get more benefit.

    Wowaceupdater > curseclient because there's no mac support :)

    I WANT to be a decent, well-behaved consumer. I want to respect the addon authors and give them the respect they deserve for doing things I cannot and for the benefit they provide to my gametime.

    But, I'm not gonna be taken advantage of either.
    Give us a superior product for a fair price (ads or monthly) and I pledge to push my fellow guildies and friends to do the right thing.
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