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    I wanted to know if there was a way to incorporate a macro conditional such as: /changeactionbar [pet:Felhunter] 1
    to switch a bar dependent on which pet I have out; the current conditional code I have is:

    where I assume its allowing me to modify bar 5 into shifting into different bars.

    The goal for me is to create my own pet bar utilizing macro commands for pet attack, focus etc.

    I'm essentially trying to emulate:
    /swapactionbar 1 2 /cast [actionbar:1] Aspect of the Hawk; Aspect of the Monkey

    but with pet conditional

    Here is a sample of what I've tried to do on a different bar:
    0; [pet:felhunter/imp/voidwalker/succubus/felguard]show;hide
    What I want to in essence do is convert some of my bars into pet bars which toggle on and off depending on which pet is out, and if they would share the same keybinds.
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    I have a friend who wishes to use button paging for his 4th action bar, however he wishes to use his 4th mouse button to page through said bars, b/w 4 and 2 I believe. Is there a way to toggle button paging with alternative buttons? Such as mouse button 4?
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