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    I've spent the last 4 hours trying to solve an error with TSI. It's working fine on one machine, on the other one, the /tsi menu command throws an error at line 1434:
    function TradeskillInfo:GetCharSkillLevel(name,skill)
        return self.db.realm.userdata[name].skills[skill]

    I deleted Ace2, TradeSkillInfo, TradeSkillInfoUI dirs and copied them from the working machine. No change. Tried installing dewdrop (as suggested earlier in this thread), no change.

    tsi is loaded, /tsi config works OK but there is no minimap button and /tsi menu throws the error and the menu is completely unpopulated (blank).

    SOLVED! As soon as I posted this my wife asked "might it have some saved variables?". So I deleted all 4 TradeSkill*.* files in the WTF\Account\<accountname>\SavedVariables directory and it started to work. Updating this post so that it comes up in Google in the future.
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