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    I just installed Pitbull about two days ago. I really like the addon, except for one problem. I spent a lot of time configuring it for 3 characters, each slightly different, but basically the same as far as fram position, size, etc. I see in the profiles each character has its own profile.

    Every time I log in after restarting World of Warcraft, most of my setting have reset and I have to move frames around again, resize stuff, etc. Trying to switch to a different characters profile doesn't work, it seems that Pitbull resets to what it was like when I first installed it.

    I am using mostly Ace2 addons or Ace2 compatible addons, and not too many of them. Fubar, Pitbull, SW Stats, Omen, Auctioneer which doesn't automatically load, Advanced Tradeskill Window and Wardrobe.

    Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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