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    posted a message on GarbageFu
    Here's my diff that adds the generic GetSellValue api. This works well with ItemPrice and does not need ItemPriceTooltip. It should also work with any other addon providing the GetSellValue function
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    posted a message on Parser-3.0 now has a Parser-1.1 compat layer
    Working great here using Parser-3.0 for chronometer, fubar_dps, sct, and violation
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    posted a message on Lag spikes?
    Sounds like what I get with cpu profiling enabled, if your running PerformanceFu see if it's enabled. Not sure how to disable it otherwise.

    /console scriptProfile 0
    should disable profiling one way or another, a ui reload is required after a change.
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    posted a message on Henge - Button spheres for all!
    shift-richtclick doesnt toggle menu off after 1 sec

    Change this in Button.lua around line 414
    	self.frame:SetAttribute("*onmouseupbutton2", "rightclick")

    to: (just remove the "*"
    	self.frame:SetAttribute("onmouseupbutton2", "rightclick")

    and add this after that line
    	self.frame:SetAttribute("shift-onmouseupbutton2", "shiftrightclick")
    	self.frame:SetAttribute("*childstate-shiftrightclick", "^shiftrightclick")
    	self.header:SetAttribute("statemap-anchor-shiftrightclick", "0-1")

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    posted a message on Henge - Button spheres for all!
    The button location is stored in the savedvariables folder. You have to delete the WoW/WTF/Account/ACCOUNT_NAME/REALM/CHAR_NAME/SavedVariables/Henge.lua file.
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    posted a message on Henge - Button spheres for all!
    Heres my runescape.lua file, there was a problem with the menu table loop, I also changed the default locations on the buttons to be evenly spaced around the sphere.
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    posted a message on Henge - Button spheres for all!
    Heres a diff to make the menus toggle with a rightclick and close 1 sec after leaving the opened menu. It also includes the previous posted change

    Index: Button.lua
    --- Button.lua (revision 35587)
    +++ Button.lua (working copy)
    @@ -404,23 +404,21 @@
        self.frame = CreateFrame(
            "Button", "HengeButton"..self.id, nil,
    -        "SecureAnchorEnterTemplate"
    +        "SecureAnchorUpDownTemplate"
        self.header = CreateFrame(
            "Frame", nil, self.frame, "SecureStateHeaderTemplate"
        self.frame:SetAttribute("*anchorchild*", self.header)
    -    self.frame:SetAttribute("*childraise-OnEnter", true)
    -    self.frame:SetAttribute("*childraise-OnLeave", true)
    -    self.frame:SetAttribute("*childstate-OnEnter", "^enter")
    -    self.frame:SetAttribute("*childstate-OnLeave", "^leave")
    +    self.frame:SetAttribute("*childraise*", true)
    +    self.frame:SetAttribute("*onmouseupbutton2", "rightclick")
    +    self.frame:SetAttribute("*childstate-rightclick", "^rightclick")
        self.frame:SetAttribute("*childofsx*", 1)
        self.frame:SetAttribute("*childofsy*", 1)
    -    self.header:SetAttribute("statemap-anchor-enter", "*:1")
    -    self.header:SetAttribute("statemap-anchor-leave", ";")
    -    self.header:SetAttribute("delaystatemap-anchor-leave", "*:0")
    -    self.header:SetAttribute("delaytimemap-anchor-leave", "*:0.5")
    -    self.header:SetAttribute("delayhovermap-anchor-leave", "*:true")
    +    self.header:SetAttribute("statemap-anchor-rightclick", "0-1")
    +    self.header:SetAttribute("delaystatemap-anchor-rightclick", "0:0")
    +    self.header:SetAttribute("delaytimemap-anchor-rightclick", "0:1")
    +    self.header:SetAttribute("delayhovermap-anchor-rightclick", "0:true")
        self.frame.hbObj = self
        self.texture = getglobal("HengeButton"..self.id.."Texture")
        self.highlight = getglobal("HengeButton"..self.id.."Highlight")
    @@ -502,7 +500,7 @@
        if AceOO.inherits(self.action, HengeAction) then
            self.action:Apply(self.frame, "LeftButton")
            local an, _, _ = self.action:ActionInfo()
    -        self.db.char.action = an
    +        self.db.char.action = self.action.id
            self.db.char.action = nil
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    posted a message on Henge - Button spheres for all!
    The problem with the menu icon default not being saved is fixed by changing line 505 in Button.lua
    self.db.char.action = an

    self.db.char.action = self.action.id

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    posted a message on CharacterInfo
    Love the mod, here's a few tweaks/hacks I did to make it match onebag/onebank views. If OneBag(Bank) is loaded when bringing up CharacterInfo, the number of columns will be the same. Also have the items placed in the same spot as they are in the respective game slot and not all clumped at the bottom. Also made the partial row at the bottom instead of the top to match.
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    posted a message on ClosetGnome - Wear it or lose it.
    Found the problem with Mage evocation and innervate sets not being removed, the HasSet was being called with the localized version of "Evocation" and needed to be "evocation", like wise for innervate.

    Corrected function in ClosetGnome_Switcher\Modules\Mage.lua
    function ClosetGnomeSwitcher_Mage:BuffLost(name)
    	if name == evocation and ClosetGnomeSwitcher:HasSet("evocation") then
    		return true
    	elseif name == innervate and ClosetGnomeSwitcher:HasSet("innervate") then
    		return true
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