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    Quote from Saroz »

    Considering adding small raid target icons, but don't really see the use -- usually you mark mobs, not players.

    Will also add some voice comm icon, when that arrives in 2.2

    ... and pet support.

    Anything else?

    Any word on the Pet Support? My guild's Hunters are getting angry with us healers. Within that Pet Support, what are you considering? One of my biggest issues is range and debuffs (so I'd love something almost identical to what we already have for raid members). Right now I'm pulling out the Blizzard Default Bars (bleh), and have no ability to tell if I can even heal the pet.

    Thanks for all your continued hard work. Been a while since I've been here (because the mod's been working wonderfully for me). I really appreciate and love the Whitelist!

    Great work and thank you.
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    Quote from Saroz »

    Ok, will add debuff filter, then people can decide if they want to use it or not.

    You dont need a checklist for dispellable debuffs, it will figure that out if you set it to "Debuffs dispellable by me"

    Thanks for such a fast response. What I have in mind is something where I could keep "Debuffs dispellable by me" and whatever's on my list without sacrificing one or the other.

    Thank you again.
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    I'm encountering fights where it would be incredibly helpful to know who has things like:

    Hydross - Water Tomb
    Morogrim - Watery Grave
    Leotheras - Insidious Whisper
    Solarian - Wrath of the Astromancer

    I've read through countless forums and seem to only find options for Filtering Dispellable Debuffs or Show All Debuffs or switching to Grid to show little cubes for said debuffs. Personally, Grid is too minimalistic for me, so I doubt I'll ever switch there. Additionally, when you select to Show All Debuffs in sRaidFrames, it includes Auras (which many of these encounters have). After the Aura is shown, there's only room for one debuff and the Aura overrides the visibility of buffs (such as Renew) which to me is more important than an Aura anyway. More often than not, I could care less about the Aura because I know everyone is affected by it. If I could filter that out, I suppose that could work too.

    Right now, I'm at the point of pulling out Blizzard Raid Frames on encounters where I'm concerned about needing to priortize heals to particular debuffs and I end up running with 50 bars on my screen.

    Basically what I'm looking for is something where I can select the following options:

    Show Buffs until Debuffed
    Filter to Debuff List
    Debuff List Options
    1. A checklist of dispellable debuffs like in the past (magic/disease/curse/poison).
    2. An input to add debuffs (like currently available in Grid).

    Right now the icons do show up when selected to show all debuffs...so it seems like it's mostly a filtering option that I'm after while still maintaining the visual appeal, information presentation and overall strengths of these raid frames.

    P.S. I like seeing Unstable Affliction because I like knowing who to HOT and heal but not dispell.
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