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    Quote from Borona »

    [2007/09/01 20:51:23-89-x2]: ...s\Threat-1.0\Threat-1.0\ThreatMobNameTranslation.lua:149: Conflicting translation for Blackhand Iron Guard in deDE: old is "Eisenwache der Schwarzfaustlegion", new is "Hauptmann der Zornkrallen". Please report to Antiarc.:


    Got this error today, hope this is the correct place to report

    It's a false positive.
    "Blackhand Iron Guard" in german is "Eisenwache der Schwarzfaustlegion". The existing translation is correct.

    Actually, I ran into alot false positives like this one. Maybe the mechanism detecting the translations needs to be reviewed.
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    Manufac doesn't show the Cooldown on Nexus Transformation (48h).
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    Please add an option to change the Time Format in Reports.
    "08/09/07" may be "09 August 2007" or "08 September 2007" and so on... depending on your location.

    Id like to deliver distinct Reports to GMs.
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    How about adding Outgoing resists as Trigger Condition.

    As a tank I find it pretty usefull to get a notification on Taunt resist. This made Tankalyze obsolete for me :)

    Parrot:RegisterPrimaryTriggerCondition {
    	name = "Outgoing resist",
    	localName = L["Outgoing resist"],
    	parserEvent = {
    		eventType = "Miss",
    		missType = "Resist",
    		sourceID = "player",
    		recipientID_not = "player",
    	parserArg = "abilityName",
    	param = {
    		type = 'text',
    		usage = L["<Skill name>"],
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