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    posted a message on Weird problem

    I'm sure I'm not going to describe this problem very well, but I'll try:

    I downloaded cartographer and cartographer1 from files.wowace.com and installed into my addons. I then bound opening cartographer to a button (one of my mouse buttons) that I had been using for alphamap (which I removed from addons).

    Some problems came up, that were very annoying and I had to remove the mod:

    1. After making some changes in "look and feel" settings, when I hit my bound button, I get the cartographer map, and when I hit it again (expecting to close the map), that map would close, but another map would appear with the settings I had prior to making changes in look and feel. It would just go back and forth between these two and the only way to get the map to close is to click the x button to close the map.

    Does this sound like any sort of common problem that I may have some setting screwed up? Thanks!
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    posted a message on Where to download FuBar?

    I find multiple places to download FuBar and it's addons, and all sites seem to have different versions, etc.

    Where is the "official" place to download the most recent version FuBar? And is there a likewise site for most of the addons?

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