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    Quote from Matrix110 »

    Yes you are right:

    Content of the .bat

    @echo off
    cd ..
    rmdir /s /q oRA2_Participant
    rmdir /s /q oRA2_Leader
    rmdir /s /q oRA2_Optional
    cd oRA2
    move Participant\Participant.toc Participant\oRA2_Participant.toc
    move Leader\Leader.toc Leader\oRA2_Leader.toc
    move Optional\Optional.toc Optional\oRA2_Optional.toc
    move Participant ..\oRA2_Participant
    move Leader ..\oRA2_Leader
    move Optional ..\oRA2_Optional

    .sh is for Linux i think? or Mac? no idea but content:

    cd ..
    rm -rf oRA2_Participant
    rm -rf oRA2_Leader
    rm -rf oRA2_Optional
    cd oRA2
    mv Participant/Participant.toc Participant/oRA2_Participant.toc
    mv Leader/Leader.toc Leader/oRA2_Leader.toc
    mv Optional/Optional.toc Optional/oRA2_Optional.toc
    mv Participant ../oRA2_Participant
    mv Leader ../oRA2_Leader
    mv Optional ../oRA2_Optional

    Would the mod function if I removed the .bat and .sh files?

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    Can someone tell me what the .bat and .sh files in the ORA2 zip file are?

    I am interested in trying this mod, but with all the account hijacking that goes on, I am leary of installing a mod that has none lua files included in it.

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