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    Baggins filters are not working correctly with French clients.

    Attached, I submit a patch against the Baggins-Filtering.lua for Baggins to correct that.
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    Do you intend to apply the patch to correct the french translation of the filters I submitted ?
    Or is there a problem that prevents it to be committed ?
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    Quote from killergege »

    So I'm working on the french localization.

    You may find the patch attached.
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    Hi !

    I think there is a bug in Baggins (using the last version in svn) :
    Some "Item type" filters are not localized (for instance "Gem" should be "Gemme" in french).
    So these filters are not working.

    It also occurs on many Sub-item ("metal & stone" where the information panel shows "m?tal & pierre", "elemental" => "?l?mentaire"...)
    I've seen that there is someone that have the same problem in german...
    A baggins bug or WoW API bug ?
    OK looked into the code and found that it's the localisation in the code (line 244 in Baggins-filtering.lua). Shoudn't it be in the localization file ?
    So I'm working on the french localization, I'm not sure that I can translate all, but I'll do what I can.

    Someone should look at the german version.

    I've also have a bug when alt-clicking->Information and moving the mouse over the search item in the context menu :
    in Baggins.lua -> l. 1666 : attempt to call method 'ItemSearch' (a nil value)

    I also copy here what I wrote on the wiki "wishlist" page:

    I have some remarks:
    * When editing a rule, the rule text is not always updated : you need to select another rule and select back the edited rule to see it updated.
    * It would be nice to be able to configure the number of column for bags and bank... Actually it uses the same configuration for both
    * I'd like to be able to share rules configuration between characters, or at least to copy them as it is possible in the "Bags" section.
    * Speaking of the "Bags" section (I use the "all in one bag" config), is it possible to change "import sections" in order to copy with more granularity (we only can import the whole bag sections)? Sometimes I only want one of them.

    Plus :
    * There should be a way to move items by drag and drop... For instance : I want to move an item from the equipped items in my character panel to my bags. The only way I found is displaying the bags and drag and drop it to the bag icon. Could it be possible to drag and drop it to on of the baggins windows or a baggin icon ?
    * There should be a way to change the bags (also in bank) and buy new bag spaces.
    * Is the bag usage is optimized ? If I copy an herb, will it go to the herb bag ?
    * Why Anchor is greyed ? Bottom-right anchoring would be great !

    By the way : I'm a new user, I just discoverred how good it could be to sort items by category and I love this addon !
    Just correct the filters and I'd be very happy
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