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    posted a message on Threat-2.0 / Omen2 - request for PTR testers
    Hi, Is it possible for omen2 to be as customizable as Omen?

    - Background transparency to the color picker (Solid >Drop down arrow to choose opacity?) I currently have to get used to have a big chunky background color with bars filling up on it.

    - Auto fill up? Right now im not sure if it's intended but it only shows as many bars as it can FIT on the sized window.

    - Add Glaze onto the Bar texture.. if possible.

    Other than that, looks nice. Or i just wish it was as nice as my customized omen :(

    As for AOE mode, being a druid tank. Let's say I'm swiping 5 mobs. Could it highlight those being hit on the list of mobs that got threat building on them? Or will it just show every target i'm currently affecting.. I can't tell right now but AOE mode isn't working for me.

    Last thing ALSO, since omen 2 offers multiple modes, would it be possible to have multiple windows open for each single one of them? AKA, I wouldn't mind running with Single target and AOE.
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    posted a message on UI Screenshots - Show us what you use!
    My ui. I've just recently switched from AG_UF to pitbull, Quite happy with the changes...
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