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    posted a message on SpamSentry - Ace2 release

    i'm receiving an increasing amount of spam that is not getting blocked:

    dewowgold,cm,WOW Gold super Verkaufer, genug vorrat von wow Gold,11.99EUR fur 1000G,mehr als 150000 Bestellung bestaetiget,kaufen jetzt und erhalten Sie in 1-6 Std,kriegen noch 5% Rabatt mit discount code [dewowgold]. dewowgold,cm WoW Koenig jet

    I'd be glad if you added this message to the blocklist.
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    posted a message on FuBar TopScore
    Please add:

    Essence of Desire,
    Essence of Anger,
    Priestess of Dementia,
    Mother Shahraz

    to the vulnerable mobs list.
    All have a buff that increases damage done by a large amount.
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    posted a message on PRAT Breaks PitBull & Bongos2
    Hi there,

    i just updated all addons to the newest versions with Wau using standalone libraries. Prat @37638, Pitbull @37501 and Bongos2 @1.5 .
    It seems to be working now. I was able to switch the bars in combat and the pitbull frames were drawn after initiating combat without having anything targeted.

    Thanks for the fixes.
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    posted a message on Bartender3 - Action Bar AddOn for WoW 2.0

    I have a problem with this wonderful addon.
    I can't click on some itemlinks while bartender3 is enabled. I'm running version 21503 and checked the older version from wowinterface.com. It's the same with both versions. Of course i disabled all other addons trying to find the problem. I'm running a german tbc client with the english language pack, same problems in both languages. I can click on some itemlinks of thr items the guys are posting in the guild chat. I can never click the itemlinks of items i looted or posted to the chat.
    Could this be a configuration problem ? I already deleted the bartender3.lua in the wtf folder which did'nt change a thing.

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