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    posted a message on Unofficial oUF - methods used for layouts
    Nice thread!
    So, i'm planning to replace Grid with oUF Spawns of Raidframes, but i've got a Prob. Hw do i remove the manatext only for the raidframes? :S (Kinda noob to lua ._.)
    I have already Spawned them, so i Just need to remove the text, so i can make the frames small as Possible.

    Sry 4 bad eng,
    thx in Advance
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    posted a message on UI Screenshots - Show us what you use!
    Thank you very much!
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    posted a message on UI Screenshots - Show us what you use!
    Quote from Ocularis »

    Updated actionbars, kinda like it.

    Would you please tell me your Addons, or upload your Interface? =)
    Either yes or no, im Interested in the UnitFrames, are these oUF? When yes, please be so kind and post your configs^^
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    posted a message on Addon that tells you how much Crits you had
    Hi there.
    The idea is really simle. The addon tells you after a few crits, then a non-crit how many crits you had.

    You got 7 crits in a row, then a non-crit. The Addon flashes up a text like >7 crits in a row!<
    maybe a tracker for longest crit-row would be cool.

    The nearest addon i found was Shadermod, but this was not exactly that was i searched. It summed cast and healcrits together, and that all as long as you were in fight, not till a noncrit =/


    (sry for bad english =X)

    I tried to code it myself after no one replied, but i am to unexperienced =/ After the howto "welcomeHome" i've lost what code or thingy i must use from the API-thing...
    Does someone know "simpler" how-to's or ones, that are similar to my project?

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    posted a message on VampwatchFu by Jayrox
    Love this Addon =)
    But i get this Error on every Startup:
    Fehler: AceLocale(FuBar_VampwatchFu): Improper translation exists. "Raid" is likely misspelled for locale deDE.
    AddOn: FuBar_VampwatchFu
    Fehler Nummer:1

    Also i can not change the spamoutput. I only can send the data on /s wich is a bit annoying^^

    Other than that it runs pretty smart =D
    (sry 4 bad eng)
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    posted a message on simpleMinimap, now with Ace2 goodness
    With the newest Versions i got this Problem:
    Fehler: attempt to perform arithmetic on field '?' (a nil value)
    AddOn: simpleMinimap
    Fehler Nummer:2

    I have tried for about 2 weeks to update, clear the Saved Variables but nothing Worked. It just looks like the normal Minimap and i cant unlock it, or anything else. Currently using Version: 20000-3, this one Works.
    BTW, i am using the deDE Client.
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