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    posted a message on CooldownCount (Ace2)
    I, too, am having issues with missing petbars when enslaving demons, dismounting in combat, etc.

    Is there:

    1)A fix or plans for a fix?

    2)A way to disable the cooldown numbers on the petbar? I have a hunch that would fix it.

    3)A single-purpose alternative with identical functionality?

    Kudos on an amazing mod; this is essential on all my characters!
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    posted a message on Wardrobe2 Issue
    Deleted the Wardrobe2 items in my "SavedVariables" folder and the issue became resolved.
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    posted a message on Wardrobe2 Issue
    Out of the blue, Wardrobe2 has started giving me errors when I try and update my sets.

    It seems to be referencing BigWigs in the error text; updating that UI mod did nothing.

    Help! Wardrobe is really important for a druid.

    Date: 2007-08-15 08:59:53
    ID: 51
    Error occured in: Global
    Count: 1
    Message: ..\AddOns\Wardrobe2\Wardrobe2Fu.lua line 125:
    bad argument #2 to 'format' (string expected, got nil)
    [C]: ?
    [C]: format()
    Wardrobe2\Wardrobe2Fu.lua:125: OnMenuRequest()
    agUnitFrames, v05-01-07
    Auctioneer, v4.0.4
    BigWigs, v2.0 r43584
    Cartographer, vr36223
    CartographerHerbalism, v1.0
    CartographerNoteshare, v1.0
    Chronometer, v0.10
    CooldownCount, v1.2
    CTMailMod, v2.0 (CTMod 2.0)
    EnhTooltip, v4.0.4
    Informant, v4.0.4
    Omen, v2.1r45044
    oRA2, v2.0.$Revision: 43741 $
    Stubby, v1923
    Swatter, v4.0.4
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    posted a message on sRaidFrames: Alternative CTRA raid frames
    Ok more info on number 2.

    It appears to be linked to showing health deficits.

    The errors occur when you stop dragging a group. I.e. you grab the shaman panel, move it two inches. Nothing. Then you release your finger from the clicking. Error pops up.

    It happens every time you move a panel.

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    posted a message on sRaidFrames: Alternative CTRA raid frames
    2 Items that have popped up:

    If I sort by class, and then add a group to the class group (i.e. "shamans" bar displays shamans and group 1, there is no way to remove that group. It sits there. I tried removing group 1. Then I tried to click on the other ones. Now I've got 40 people in the "shamans" bar. The "delete this set" button returns an error.

    If you have the health display on deficit, and start moving frames, errors continually pop up about mathematics and nil values. Letting the frames sit seems to stop the errors.
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    posted a message on sRaidFrames, no shamies?
    Same problem occurs with paladins on horde side.
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    posted a message on ag_UnitFrames - suggestions, requests and temp fixes thread
    I'm having a couple issues.

    1) Is there any way to emulate the deficit text of CT_UF using the ABF theme? The CT text sits to the right of the frame, and is very useful for a healer. An example:

    This is the closest I could get with AG_UF:

    If I used the custom text "[curhp]/[maxhp] -[missinghp]" The deficit would get cut off (into "...") the UI scrunches the text to the right instead of expanding to the left. Hence the "[curhp] -[missinghp]" A better option would be to display the deficit outside of the frame.

    2)"Aura" display is a bit frustrating. Is there any way to emulate the Blizzard UI's mouseover=show? If I filter debuffs, it adds difficulty to leading a party, as you can't point out missing debuffs or dispellable debuffs, but unfiltered is overwhelming to the eye (Demon Armor, battle shout, etc).

    3)Party pets don't seem to be working.

    4)Is there a way to add spacing between your party members? Currently, they're all touching in a space-efficient layout, but that isn't optimal when trying to display debuffs below, for example. The blizzard UI has set spacing; is there a way to do that?

    5)Is there some sort of way to "lock" the config screen to on? Typing /aguf config every time is a pain, and often the hierarchal menu fades before I'm done tinkering.

    Overall you've done an impressive job with this mod; I can see it being very solid. Unfortunately, I need to resolve the above to use it with my healers. If that's not possible at this time, is there any mod that would let me do that? CT_UF is pretty good, but the deficit text for party members is jaggy and hard to read, so I'd prefer an alternative. Also, oRA2 looks so good that I'd hate to have competing UI styles on the same screen.
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