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    Hi all,

    I've been playing around with Baggins for awhile and there are two things I have yet to figure out.

    1) How to make my bags wider. I'd like to have two big windows for my bank and bags, with longer rows for each category. I would also like each bag to have a customizable width.

    2? I was also wondering if Baggins knows to put things like enchanting mats into enchanting bags if possible? Just curious. Eh, I can test that I suppose.

    Note: Twice while trying to configure the mod the pop-up edit-bags window became unresponsive and I had to reload my U/I.

    Very cool mod - I'm hoping I can make it my one and only bag mod. Thanks for the work thus far - no other mod has come as close to hitting what I've wanted for bag management as this one.

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