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    I'm sure Macaroon is a good Addon and has some of the Features I want for mine, but the real Thing I try to do is some Buttons with Macro-Like Behaviour
    e.g. Posting VT/TS2 Data to Group/Raid/Yell

    I could do that as a Makro with /y VT-IP PW: abc123
    and it works well, but now I try to simplify this, by adding the options IP:Port and PW to the Addon and from the given Adresses it Posts automatically the right Things
    And I can then hand over the Addon to Guildmates, who don't know how to write the Macro for this Feature, so they get the VT/TS2 Button and edit the Options in the Config Gui and then post it

    That was the full Intention behind the Addon with VT/TS being only the first Function it can handle
    For what I have read about Macaroon it only enables larger Makro-Code Blocks, than in the WoWUI and not the Things I wanted to have

    P.S. Question solved, Thread can be closed ;)

    MfG Kronar
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    posted a message on Icon/Button without Frame
    The first one gets an error with Show
    will try the other
    In Fact this is also an Addon, i searched for some time
    so double thanks to OrionShock ;)

    Edit: Finally got it working, buttons are created, only the functions for them remain unmade ^^
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    posted a message on Icon/Button without Frame
    I newly started with Lua-Scripting using the "WelcomeHome - Your first Ace3 Addon"-Tutorial
    But now I wanted to create a Button with my Addon, that could do some things
    My Intention was to create an Addon of some "Makros" that are longer than 255 signs bound to single Buttons.
    I can get the Button working, but only if it is a child to a frame

    So my questions would be, how is it possible to
    - Create the Button directly on the Interface
    - Change the Frame, so I can only see the Button, no Close, Title or Status of the Frame

    The Code for the Button so far
    Without Frame it simply doesn't show

    local frame = LibStub("AceGUI-3.0"):Create("Frame")
    local button = LibStub("AceGUI-3.0"):Create("Icon")
    button:SetCallback("OnClick", VashjButtonClick)
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