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    posted a message on Official Threat-1.0 error reporting and discussion thread
    Quote from brotherhobbes »

    After some stupid text editor related mistakes, here is the file in UTF-8. If anyone would like to review it, that would be great. Anger engage translations are needed for all locales. The other translations are from the BigWigs module.

    Talked with Funky a bit on IRC and he was saying that he never runs into the situation I described above. Although, I am forced to manually reset Omen via Shift+Click each week to clear global threat. I was wondering if anyone else is running into issues going from Desire to Anger? Is your global threat being reset?

    Either way, it was fun to make the module, even if it ends up not being needed.

    edit: I think I made a typo in the Souls.lua file. Going to re-attach one that should be cleaned up.

    Also having the problem of not resetting aggro between phases.
    Took a quick peek at the Souls.lua file, there's a typo on line 37, it says Souls:RegisterTranslations when it should say Souls:RegisterTranslation :)
    I don't know if that would fix it, since I haven't had the chance to try it yet, but I'm gonna do some more testing on our next BT raid on sunday. Hopefully we'll get some answers then :)
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    posted a message on Autobar (Toadkiller)
    Quote from Toadkiller »

    Quote from highend »

    With the latest revision, my mount button has disappeared...

    ...On all chars who have a riding / flying mount. Only summoned mounts are displayed.

    Mmm, I am not seeing this with the latest version I just checked in, but I use epic flight form on Druid & epic flying mount on warrior. Let me know if this persists.

    I'm still having this problem with the latest revision (41011). Only my Swift Flight Form and Travel Form show up on my druid (I have both epic and normal flying mounts, and an epic kodo) while no mounts at all show up on my priest nor my mage.

    I have tried resetting and deleting my savedvariables, unfortunately this didn't help. Since removing my savedvariables, I can no longer see my Hearthstone on autobar on any of my characters.

    Oh, and keep up the great work Toadkiller :)

    UPDATE: After having played a few BG's on my druid, I noticed both my Swift flight/Travel form and Portal: Moonglade buttons had disappeared. A reset on the profiles tab fixed this though. This seems to happen every time i zone out of a BG, haven't had time to test if it also happens in instances/continent changes.
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