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    Quote from Doggabone »

    Set the bar your modifier key pages to to "0" and it won't page. In other words, enable paging but tell your modifier keys to page to the bar that doesn't exist.

    Khuas: Your very welcome, and I'm glad it worked.

    I hadn't thought of that, thanks!
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    Perhaps I have missed it, but I can't seem to find this in any of the posts. Is there any way to disable paging (like SHIFT+UP), but still allow stance switching for the bar and whatnot? Bongos does this because it doesn't use paging for that feature, but if I disable paging and hit defensive stance, nothing happens. I don't want to accidentally page the bar, however and use a cooldown because I was moving or something, since that happens a lot.
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    Quote from Idylla »

    Today i've been having a bug where when I'm dragging the raid frames around they get 'stuck' to my mouse. The only way to unstick them is to reloadui or restart wow.

    Thanks, was wondering if I was crazy there. This has been happening to me since the 2.0 patch and it is highly annoying (especially since a reloadui takes about 3 min for me with all my Ace mods, haha). I don't get any error message when this happens either, which makes it a lot harder to diagnose.
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    Quote from Quantuvis »

    I have been using engInventory for what feels like an eternity, and I have yet to see an addon that showed as much promise of replacing it as Plowking... the target audience is out there, and there will be much rejoicing if you follow this through :)


    I love EngBags, but I had to disable it every time I raided because it used up so much of my system resources. I actually have been using PlowKing lately because there really is NO competitor to EngBags out there. There are already several mods out there that take the OneBag approach and do some sorting. PlowKing is different.

    Basically all my suggestions are as follows:

    1) Make it possible to hide certain frames (since my priest has no need to have the "projectile" box open, for example)
    2) Bank Support, Bank Support, Bank Support
    3) Ability to create categories/frames of one's own easily
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